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Inspired by nature!

FIORO: flowers and design items for a beautiful living space

Nature offers endless inspiration, changing its attire from season to season. The presence of nature inspires and invigorates, gives joy both to sight and soul. Elements of nature brought into living space boost the mood by making everything around brighter, greener and more beautiful.





  • Create an environment that will make your customers return to you again
  • We develop individual design idea sketches
  • Precise deadlines for execution
  • Responsibility, responsiveness and careful attitude
  • Decorator-florist advices
  • We keep up with the latest trends in the industry and at worldwide exhibitions of decorations
  • Decorate both indoor premises and outdoor, like gardens and other environmental objects
  • Showcase decorations for holidays and for everyday
  • Individual approach to each client




We work with individual orders. On the basis of annual agreement we can change the composition in your premises 4 times a year, each time creating the perfect mood for the season. We also lease out flowers, vases and indoor decorations.


We offer care products for artificial flowers and deciduous trees and provide on-site maintenance for flowers and houseplants (refreshing, dusting).


By prior agreement we ensure delivery with the most common courier services.


Discounts for industry professionals - florists, decorators and designers.


About Fioro

The objective of Fioro is to provide the Baltic market with high quality artificial flowers, indoor plants and interior design items from all over the world. Our company also offers a wide range of additional services, including arrangement, regular maintenance and renewal of flower compositions and designs. We lease out artificial flowers and decorations for festive occasions, such as weddings, receptions and other corporate and private events. Contact us now and we will create great ideas!

With best regards, Head of the company:

Liga Veisa, Fioro