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Liga Tumina, the creator of FIORO studio: “Flowers have always been dear to me. At all times I have felt my inmost self blooming. As a child I remember bringing home twigs, moss, flowers and shells and decorating my room with them. The idea of opening my own flower shop came to me seven years ago but back then I didn’t feel ready for it and thought I still had to gain knowledge and experience. Having researched the world of flower industry, I concluded that high quality artificial flowers were a great alternative to natural ones. They are long-lasting and beautiful throughout the year, durable and suitable for any room. Moreover, they don’t cause allergies or change the room’s microclimate.

I got inspired by this thought and started to look for beautiful high-quality flowers, as well as new unusual design items all around the world. Now I am offering it all at FIORO. The name originates from Italian and means ‘golden flower’. We are cooperating with Italian manufacturers and are also addressing producers of quality items from other countries”.

FIORO - high quality artificial flowers, houseplants, vases and decorations from around the world.

FIORO - Let's Create Great Ideas Together!

FIORO - Inspired by Nature!