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About us


Did you know that the work environment greatly affects the motivation, work capacity and productivity of employees?

We spend so much time at work, so it is very important that it really inspires us and makes us feel good! To make coming to work a pleasure!

My name is Līga, I am the creator of "Līga Flower Workshop". Flowers have always been close to me. I always felt that my inner essence blooms when I create flower arrangements.
I am really happy that I can do what I really love!

I set up a beautiful work environment with:
- high-quality artificial greenery, flowers, trees from Italy
- dry, stabilized plants, herbs, mosses from France
- for vases, candlesticks and various interior items from Italy
-live trees, greens, cacti, mosses from the Netherlands

* My mission is to inspire people to do more and better in an environment where they feel pleasant, cozy and inspiring.

I have cooperated with many recognizable companies such as Wellton, Z Tower, Podium,
Hoft, LNK Properties, Merks architect office, Japa Rozes gramatnica, Galerija Cents and others.